A Bit About Me

Many of the tombstones of early Jewish immigrants to the Land of Israel had three dates written on them: date of birth, date of death, and date of aliyah, the day they came to the Land of Israel. I can’t tell what lies ahead, but if I had to pick one date of significance for me, it would be the day I was discharged from the army. It’s not that my military service was particularly difficult or that I suffered during it. I also didn’t have a special plan for what I’d do afterwards. I just knew that from that moment on, my life was in my own hands: I was responsible for myself, and I could steer my life into any direction I chose. If I wasn’t happy with something, it was up to me to change it. These insights have led me to examine myself in diverse areas and always push myself to try new things. Since my discharge, I’ve worked as a gardener in a nursery, studied electricity and auto mechanics, went to Germany to learn the language (I don’t have a special talent for languages, it took me two years!), finished a BA in political science and history and an MA in Land of Israel Studies, traveled through South America, Alaska, and Europe, and embarked on four journeys.
Today, I work as a tour guide in Berlin (mainly in the summer time) and in Israel (mainly in the winter), and give talks about my journeys.